Wealdstone Affiliate Scheme

Fundraising for Wealdstone FC choice, savings and value for you, raising money for us at the same time.

Some of the Affiliates:

See all of the available products from these companies and many more at http:www.buy.at/wealdstonefc

Frequently Asked Questions

What is buy.at?

Buy.at/ is a simple concept. All online purchases via links on this page generate commission. Transactions by cheque or over the telephone (unless specified by the retailer, such as Laterooms) do not generate commission. At no time during the experience on the retailers' sites should you edit the web address in the address bar. This will disable the commission being earned.

How does it work?

When you click on any links you will be taken through to specific retailers' own websites. They are responsible for your order and credit card security.

Are there any charges for using buy.at?

buy.at is a completely free service. The only thing that we ask is that your promote your webshop, and you can do so with the material which we also provide for free. Extra material is available for download and printing, which is the only cost you may incur, other than goods or services through your webshop.

Commission rates

The commission rate for a retailer is displayed with the retailer names in the A-Z tab at the top of the page. Any other information you need to know about this retailer will also be displayed. This information and the commissions apply equally whether a link or an image (such as the special offers images) is used to reach the retailers sites.

Please note:

Occasionally a retailer may pay commission on only part of their product range. When this is the case it is detailed as clearly as possible. In cases where retailers link to third party shops commission is unlikely to be earned.

How do Wealdstone FC receive the commission?

The commission is sent out to you as a cheque at the end of the month when you reach £20 or more. Not reaching £20 in a month simply means the money carries over until you do.

What else do I need to know?

To learn more about privacy considerations, usage of personal data and who runs buy.at/ please click on the link 'terms of use' at the bottom of the page.


For commission to be earned, you must have third party cookies enabled. If you use a Mac it is particularly important to note this, as the default settings are to reject third party cookies. Windows based machines however usually have third party cookies enabled by default.


Credit card security is taken very seriously by all Internet companies and we only deal with those who we are confident adhere to best practice. We do not take your credit card information and you may rest assured that our partners are the best in the business.

Nowadays almost all cases of cards being used without authorisation on the web actually result from third parties acquiring details in shops or restaurants and using them online. This will equally affect those who purchase frequently on the web or never at all.

Who is Perfiliate Technologies Ltd?

Perfiliate Technologies Ltd is the firm behind the buy.at brand.

Who can I contact for more information?

For answers to any general queries you may have please call the Communities Team on 0800 138 2161 during 9-5.30, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you could email [email protected]

Please help Wealdstone FC fundraise to further our objectives

The aim of this shop is to raise funds to support our objectives.
Some ideas to help us are:

Make sure all your friends know. Use the 'tell a friend facility' at the top of the shop.
Also join the mailing list from the button at the top of the shop.

Display a poster (available shortly from the club) - at work or in a shop, for instance.

Propose a link from a website - perhaps from your employer's site. As the shop offers good value for money it is an asset for colleagues and helps an employer contribute to the community.

If participating in a sponsored event tell people about the shop.

Make any work related purchases (e.g. flights) through the shop if at all possible.

Make sure you are using the shop as your first port of call for online purchases, preferably by making it your home page. Alternatively bookmark it with the facility at the top of the shop.

Please do ensure you spread the word, as the more people who know, the more it will get used and then Wealdstone FC can achieve its objectives better.