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Welcome to Wealdstone FC 

The Wealdstone began April 21, 2010, when a group of football fans who made ​​this great neighborhood wanted to have a great club like Wealdstone FC. Oficially team was inscribed on the English Football Federation (currently UK Football Federation ) in 2011 , since its inception the team played in Wealdstone Stadium, but his first name was Wealdstone Field.

Until then the Wealstone FC had 2 years in the third English division it fall to regional with 51 points last year , which is the highest number of points achieved in a drop, a bad record, it still made impossible ​​the Wealdstone´s return to the third division. Wealdstone Field was the first stage of Wealdstone FC, with a capacity of 1000 people from 2010 to 2011 the club has played there all his local workouts and games. 

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The Wealdstone Method: Train with us

In Wealstone we consider training like the origin of our success. Fitness is one of the components in team sports is gaining progressively more important in the general field of athletic training. Physical training, functional assessment, recovery of the injured and heating are the most important fields of intervention.

This is perhaps the most easily programmable for all who attend football content. Work the physical condition of the players properly breaking down the various aspects of it. Physical preparation is divided into general and special. The first aims to develop motor balanced qualities and this development the functional basis for addressing the special physical qualities. The special preparation is intended to develop the physical skills match the demands the sport in question and the particular competitive activity, becoming more important as the level of the athlete (near to the elite or adulthood) increases.

Moreover, during this process of working to develop different physical qualities in mind that we have in our sport, the player must demonstrate strength, speed, coordination, endurance in stable condition, with a great capacity for work different functional and the clearest manifestation of progressive fatigue systems. Therefore, in the process of physical preparation is important, especially as higher the level of the player, implement a method that allows you to not only develop a sufficiently high rates of physical qualities, but also may show them on condition fatigue.

Join our school

Base developed equipment for children 4 to 20 years in football. Proper organization and coordination of this part of the club, and consolidation at regional level. Most of the senior team players are local. In conclusion the would like to put our first team in a national category with people promoting sports club quarry. We are going to start a new season and from Wealdstone F.C we invite you to participate in our Football School or any of the categories below: 

Children: 15 to 16 years 

Cadets: 17 and 18 

Juniors: 19 and 20 years 

Younger have our Football School from 4 years to 14 years, taking part in some of the first tournaments in the region. The youth teams are taking part in the local championships while they are participating in the school concentrations in the region and elsewhere in UK.  If you are interested or concerned, you can contact through [email protected] where you will receive all the information.

Get the boots and the ball and play with us